pexels-daria credit - retail lighting

Light for the Window Display

The window display is so important for your shop. It draws customers in off the street. Adding bright and bold lighting or contrast lighting will capture attention or why not install lights at different levels and angles and spotlights to highlight key products.


Layering is a great technique for lighting up shop. It involves combining ambient lighting with accent lighting.

Ambient lighting should be low so that the accent lighting really gets noticed. Illuminate the prominent areas and light up what the customers should be looking at.

Lighting for Shelves

Lighting is a great way to highlight products on shelves. LED lights are especially effective on shelving, as they can be really bright.

Changing Rooms

If you are selling clothing, you need to focus on the changing rooms too. The lighting needs to be flattering for the customers!

Install lighting at the sides of the mirrors to reduces shadows. It’s also a good idea to use a warm soft light in the changing room that enhances colours and is softer on the eyes.